Eatables that you can afford on your cheat day 😋

Food consumption on cheat day

What is a cheat day?

A cheat day means the day which comes in a week or a month or a year( for gym-obsessed people) on which we can eat items according to our choice.

Idli Sambar

cheat day

Being one of the famous dishes of south India, idli sambar is also treated like a dish to be consumed on our cheat days as it contains healthy ingredients which do not harm the functioning of our body, not at all. On being healthy and delicious, it is also very superb in taste as compared to other junk foods.


Among most of the famous items of Gujrat, dhokla has made a great importance as a healthy fast food. Today, majorly most of the bakery shop is used to have dhokla on their item list because of its great demand. 4 pieces of dhokla has the capacity to skip one of our major meals. On being really healthy and tasty, it can be consumed in one of our cheat days as it majorly contains water. The most amazing thing about it is that it is baked, not fried.


True, you read this right, it’s golgappe. Definitely, you can consume them is some of your cheat days. Although being amazing in taste, it also helps to prevent your hunger/craving for a longer period. 6 golgappe in a day are enough for an evening meal. It does not contain so much of health benefits but no other item can replace it.


Dosa is a really delicious item which can be consumed every day but we should have it on our regular cheat days. It is a very heavy food item which fills our tummy in just consuming it only once in a day. Dosa is really appreciated by almost every person because of its taste and amazing health benefits. It can be consumed with Sambar along with Coconut Chutney.


The Bombay blast is here, yes its Bhelpuri. Its tangy taste makes it famous throughout the whole country. It is really healthy and tasty and is now readily available in many places. It helps us in bursting our craving for a tangy eatable and does not cause any food disease.

Ram Ladoo

Its taste defines it all. Ram ladoo is a very common tangy item which is readily available in every marketplace. Its market price is also cheap so every person can afford it at any particular time. That’s all about it. You can go and have it on your cheat day.

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