Items that you can have to prevent craving😁

Many times, you would have experienced craving between your meals and choose to have junk food between them which results in obesity and many other diseases. This happens with you most of the time but you never refused to have such eatables. So, here are some food items which you can consume between your long-day meals.

Dry Fruits


The first and most preferred choice is to have dry fruits. Also, there are some dry fruits which retain your energy during your work hours. These are Almonds, Walnuts(whole), Pistachios, Munakka and many more which you can search about.



You may also have peanuts during your little breaks but consume only in the limited amount otherwise it would be addictive.


You can also consume chickpeas(after soaking in water), as it is or can mix them with some vegetables to enhance its taste(especially by squeezing a lemon).

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