Regular workout in morning and evening💪🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Keep everything aside. Now, it’s the time to act, not think. So get up and start coming closer to your dreams by clearing the fitness stage of your life.

We will go step by step from the first morning workout to the last evening workout and here, the workout does not mean lifting dumbles or doing pushups only. It means warming up your body irrespective to what the present situation is. So, here we go:

A morning walk or a little jogging

First, start your morning with a walk or little jogging( after drinking a glass of lukewarm water). This should be remembered that walking or jogging must be on a road, park, seashore or a hill. You can also do cycling if you want, it’s totally up to you. The main part is that while performing your morning workout, you should have a connection with nature(like winds, trees, water, etc.). If you have a pet with yourself, then well and good, you can have a walk with it for a good time. These all things, when constituted, make your day.

Stretching and Yoga

The second thing you have to do is yoga and some stretching. You can perform yoga as per your preferences by searching such types on yoga on the internet or by reading a book. The main part while performing yoga is that you should breathe deeply. In stretching, you can do various types of exercises as per your choice but the main thing is that while stretching you should hold the position of a particular pose for at least a minute and this activity should be done 3-4 times continuously.

[After all these activities, you should sit alone at a silent place for at least 10 minutes and try not to think about anything. Just focus on yourself and feel the energy flowing in your body. This is called meditation.]

Full-length evening workout

Now, here came the main task. In the evening after your office, school, college or any other institute where you spend your working hours, you can perform various types of workouts for at least an hour. You can simply go to a fitness centre/gym to make your body fit and strong or you can join a sports club and you can play a particular sport of your choice like badminton, soccer, volleyball, basketball,  and so on. You can also do swimming in summers or can go for learning martial arts nearby. This evening workout can help you to prevent your day-to-day stress.

Night walk

Finally, the last thing for the day is that you should have a half hour walk in your society area along with your family members after having dinner. This helps to digest the late-eaten meal to an extent. Try to involve in a healthy discussion with your family because it is really important and I mean it.

[Again at night, try to sit alone for 10 minutes and thank god for giving such a great day to spend with full of happiness.]

And thank you for reading this ” day-divided workouts “.



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